WSHFC Offers Free Class For First Time Home Buyers

When it comes to doing something that we’ve never done before, all of us are hesitant and leery of making a mistake. And the more money that is on the line, the more leery we are. Fortunately, for Washington State first time home buyers, free, expert help is readily available from WSHFC. shares the details:

The young buyers were worried and stressed.  The home they were renting and planning to purchase was no longer an option and they needed to move within the next month.  Fortunately, these buyers had taken the First Time Home Buyers class which I recommended to them, and were prepared to move quickly with their financing in place and a clear understanding of the home buying process.   Within one week, we were able to find a great home and they were able to move when their lease expired.

First Time Home Buyers Class 

The First Time Home Buyers class is a free course offered by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission which helps homebuyers learn how to purchase and maintain a home.  Upon completion of the course, participants receive a certificate good for two years, which is required for some of the loan assistance programs.

Michelle Wickett covers the 8 steps to home ownership with first time home buyers.

One such course is taught locally by trained instructor Michelle Wickett of Axia Home Loans.  Michelle informs buyers of their loan options, including the possibility of down payment assistance.  Buyers also learn about pre-approval vs pre-qualification, and the differences between various lenders including banks, mortgage brokers, and portfolio lenders.

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