Several First Time Home Buyer Programs Available In Ohio

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency has several first time home buyer programs, including the Ohio Heroes Product, the Target Area Loan Product, The Mortgage Tax Credit, Grants for Grads and a down payment assistance program.

Ohio First Time Home Buyer ProgramsThe Ohio Heroes Product Active Military and Veterans, Fire Fighter/Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic, Health Care Workers, Police Officers and Teachers can receive all the benefits of the First-Time Homebuyer program at interest rate up to .25% lower. To get all the details of the program, visit the Ohio Heroes webpage.

OHFA’s Target Area Loan product helps revitalize federally-designated target areas (a target area is a Census tract where the housing market is highly challenged)  by making our affordable first-time homebuyer loan products and competitive interest rates available to ANY qualifying buyer purchasing a home in these areas. To get all the details of the program, visit the Ohio Target Areas webpage.

OHFA’s Mortgage Tax Credit (MTC) product can help some families realize the dream of homeownership. The MTC product creates an income tax deduction that reduces a household’s federal income tax liability and allows the household to have more available income to make mortgage payments. To get all the details of the program, visit the Ohio Mortgage Tax Credit webpage.

Any questions about the above programs can be sent to the OHFA directly at:

Office of Homeownership
Ohio Housing Finance Agency
57 East Main Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
888.362.6432 FREE