Local Grant Opportunities For Maine 1st Time Buyers

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First time home buyers in Maine have many options available to them for help in purchasing their first residence. Unfortunately, the Maine State Housing Authority does not offer a statewide grant program for first time home buyers. There are, however, two municipalities that do provide grants for people purchasing their first home.

Maine First Time Home Buyer Grants
Maine First Time Home Buyer Grants

Lewiston 1st Time Buyer Grant Details

Financial gifts for the needed down payment are perhaps the greatest resource that you can tap into as a first time home buyer. Lewiston has a program in which for every dollar you save towards your down payment, they will give you $2, up to $5,250! Here are some details from the city of Lewiston website:


The program’s purpose is to provide financial assistance to home buyers.

Eligible Activity

Down payment and closing costs assistance

Applicant Eligibility

Program participants must have an income at or below 80% of the median family income (MFI) for the Lewiston area, with a minimum household income of $25,000, or $20,000 if the first mortgage is financed by USDA Rural Development as a subsidized interest loan. First-time home buyers are defined as those persons who have not owned a home within the last three years.

Program Summary

  • Can only be used for purchase of a single family home as primary residence in Lewiston
  • Must be credit worthy and able to obtain primary conventional financing
  • Participate in HOME Savings Account for down payment and closing costs that will provide $2 of HOME funds for every $1 of participant savings up to $5,250 of HOME funds

To get complete program details, including income limits as well as how to get the application process started, please visit this grant information page.

Auburn Also Provides Assistance

In addition to the above grant offered in Lewiston, the city of Auburn provides the same type of grant program:

The HOMEBuyer Program is designed to assist people who want to own a home but need financial assistance in addition to Bank Financing. We offer a HOME SAVINGS ACCOUNT (HSA) Program to help you save over a period of 6 months or more. For every $1 you save we will match it with $2. We also offer loans of up to $15,000 at 0% interest.

For program details and to get the application process started, please visit Auburn first time home buyer grant.

More Maine 1st Time Buyer Resources

In addition to the above grants in Lewiston and Auburn, there are other financial resources available as well. Be sure to visit Maine down payment assistance, as well as our page that shares details about special loans available in ME to purchase your first home.