Iowa Finance Authority Unveils First Time Home Buyer Program Amounts

The Iowa Finance Authority has just announced some exciting news for Iowa first time home buyers. Hefty amounts have been decided upon for first-time homebuyer programs in the Carroll area. The Down Payment Assistance Programs with Rehabilitation provisions were awarded to five of the six grants applied for to help homebuyers with the financial aid necessary to purchase their first residence.

CBC Online reports:

Region XII Council of Governments and the Iowa Finance Authority have announced first-time homebuyer programs for the Carroll area.

Jefferson and Coon Rapids received $412,500 for 10 projects with city matches of $25,000 for each additional rehabilitation. Manning received $334,400 for six projects with a city match of $22,500 for additional rehabilitation. And, Home Base Iowa Communities, Templeton, Willey, Glidden and Scranton received $206,250 for five projects.

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