Indiana Next Home Grant Provides Up To 4% Of Purchase Price

The Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority provides a down payment grant through their Next Home program. This particular Indiana first time home buyer grant provides up to 4% of the purchase price for down payment assistance.

Indiana First Time Home Buyer GrantsThe down payment benefits initially comes in the form of a no-interest, no-payment loan that is completely forgive after only 2 years. While the majority of the down payment grants throughout the country require a 5 year period before the down payment loan becomes a grant, iin Indiana you only have to wait 2 years.

If you are attracted to the tax benefit of the Mortgage Credit Certificate program and the down payment assistance of the Next Home program, as a first time home buyer you can combine the two and get up to another $2,000 in your pocket.

To get full details on this exciting grant program, visit the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority webpage, watch the video, and/or contact them directly at:

For more information, please contact Lee McClendon, IHCDA Homeownership Manager at 317-232-2582 or via email.

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