First Time Buyer Incentives Available in Tennessee

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Tennessee First Time Home BuyerProperty Buying Tip:

As a Tennessee first time home buyer, one tip to keep in mind when it comes to real estate is to be sure that you thoroughly check any additions that were done to the house to ensure that they are up to code. This is important because if they aren’t up to code, then you will be responsible for doing so. This is most commonly found in low income areas as well as in situations where the home owner completed the work. For more information on the availability of financial assistance for 1st time buyers in the Volunteer State, be sure to visit first time home buyers in Tennessee for complete details on local programs currently available.

Home Mortgage Tip:

Before you even start looking at a new home to buy, try to get pre-approved for a home. This will give you confidence when looking for a new home and let you know what your budget is. It will also save you from choosing a home only to find out you cannot secure a large enough loan to purchase it.